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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI

Israel, Yehud
Mr. Yoram Golobov, Marketing Director

About Us

Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) is Israel's largest Defense and Aerospace company. It provides Cutting-edge technologies and solutions for Space, Air, Land, Sea and Cyber. IAI develops and manufactures advanced systems for the Israel Defense Forces and foreign customers worldwide. The company is active in both defense market and commercial market. In space - IAI is the Israeli Space House, offering a One-Stop-Shop for satellites, ground systems, mission centers and launchers. IAI satellites portfolio includes: observation satellites (optical and SAR); scientific/research satellites and Lunar landers; communication satellites and a full range of space sub-systems - all with amazing capabilities and useful contribution for their users. On 2019 IAI's space capabilities gained worldwide focus as fart of the historical Beresheet mission the moon. Beresheet, a co-development lunar lander of IAI and SpaceIL and the 1st commercial lunar mission, situated Israel as the 4th country to attempt landing and the 7th country that managed to orbit the moon. Beresheet is also the 1st non-government mission to the moon, the 1st ride share to the moon and the smallest spacecraft to aim and reach the moon.

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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI





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10.9.2020 Slovak Space Tech Day (9:30 – 14:15 CEST)
11.9.2020 Online B2B Matchmaking (meetings available from 11.09. onwards)

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Explore potential areas for cooperation and mutually explore possible business interests in local national/civilian/scientific space programs.


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Mr. Yoram Golobov Marketing Director